It's time to think outside the (BIG) box.

How does SoKind work?

Get inspired

Take some time to think about what kinds of gifts reflect your values and would help improve your quality of life. For inspiration, check out these SoKind gift ideas organized by gift type or event type and our sample registries, wishlists, and givelists if you need some extra guidance.

Create a registry

Now that you have an idea of where to begin, click here to start your registry, wishlist or givelist. For each gift, include as much helpful information as possible for your family and friends. You can upload an image and link to the website where it can be found. If you want only locally made products, you can mention this in your description. If you are registering for home-cooked foods, include any dietary restrictions or allergy information. Check out our sample registries, wishlists and givelists if you need some extra guidance.

Share with family and friends!

Spread the word about your registry, wishlist or givelist by sending a personalized announcement to your guests. SoKind keeps track of what gifts have been given and who signed up for each (or, keep it anonymous if you prefer to be surprised!). Send thank you messages quickly and easily through SoKind.

Enjoy your celebration and personalized gifts — and here’s to a holiday or celebration filled with more fun and less stuff, more joy and less stress, more love and less waste.

Need more details? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.