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How much does SoKind cost?

SoKind is free to use because we want it to be accessible to everyone. This is a project of the nonprofit Center for Biological Diversity, a U.S.-based nonprofit organization that works to protect wildlife and wild places. We believe that empowering individuals and organizations to challenge their consumption habits can improve well-being for people and the planet. SoKind serves as a unique tool to help people reduce needless consumption. To keep this site accessible to as many people as possible, we have opted to run it free of paid advertising.

Donations are greatly appreciated to help us continue to provide and improve SoKind independently without relying on ad revenue.


How do I ask for non-material gifts?

On your registry or wishlist, simply describe what you would like (examples: 10 homemade meals, 20 hours of landscaping help, wedding photographer, etc.). For each gift, include as much helpful information as possible for your family and friends. You can upload an image of the gift idea and, if available, link to the website where the service or type of gift can be found. If you are requesting home-cooked foods, include any dietary restrictions or allergy information.

How does scheduling gifts of time, skill and experience work?

You will also have access to a calendar that allows you to specify the dates and times you wish to have the gift delivered or performed. Your gift givers will then select the date that works for them, and a reminder email will be sent to ensure delivery of the gift.

How do I ask for monetary contributions (for a honeymoon fund, mortgage fund, college savings fund, etc.)?

You may either ask gift givers to give/mail you a check directly or request that they send funds through an app or online payment platform. You can also create a personal fundraising campaign on a separate website and include a link to it on your SoKind page. Either way, we recommend that you include instructions in your gift description and any links needed for online payment so that your guests know how to get the money to you. No monetary transactions are conducted directly through SoKind.

What is a GiveList?

A GiveList is a way for you to offer alternative gift giving to others. The platform works the same as for a wishlist or registry, but you can compile your own unique offerings. Check out this sample GiveList for ideas.

How will my family and friends know where to buy a gift or make a charitable donation?

You should include instructions with that gift item — usually a link to an online seller where the gift may be purchased or the address or contact information of a brick-and-mortar store. For a charitable donation, include a link to the charity’s donation page. Remember, SoKind is not involved in the purchasing of the gift or the transferring of funds to outside organizations or businesses! So, it’s always a good idea to include clear guidance on where the gift can be purchased or donated. Again, check out our Sample Registries for examples.

How do I delete my registry, wishlist or givelist?

If you would like to delete your SoKind account just login to your account, click “SoKind account settings” at the bottom of the left column, and you will see the option to “delete your SoKind account.” If you would just like to delete an individual registry, select the appropriate one and click “delete this registry” at the bottom of the left column.


I want to contribute money on someone’s registry or wishlist. How do I pay?

The registrant should include special instructions on how they wish to receive the funds. They will either direct you to mail a check or there will be a link to an online payment platform or separate fundraising service where you can contribute money directly. If the instructions are unclear, be sure to contact the registrant. Please be sure to complete the giving process just like any other gift, and note how much money you wish to contribute so that’s it’s recorded on the registry.

How do I edit or delete a gift?

You should have received a confirmation email for your gift. Near the bottom of that email it should say “Made a mistake? Click here to edit or delete your gift.” Click on the link and you can delete the gift or edit the quantity.

I also want to give gifts that are outside the (big) box, does SoKind have a way to do that?

You can create a GiveList when you create your page by selecting the GiveList option from the event type drop down menu. Then you can list the skills, handmade items and experiences you are willing to gift to others. Check out this sample GiveList for some ideas.

SoKind Registry - How-To Video

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